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What is Homtamin Ginseng?
Homtamin Ginseng is made of insam (Ginseng), lecithin, and 10 vitamins and minerals. It relieves fatigue, provides nutrition, and is good for students studying for exeams, nursing mothers, and physically weak people.
Homtamin Ginseng uses Goryeo Insam, which has the most saponin among all insam, and takes great pride in its effects. The saponin decomposes fat in the body and accelerates the absorption of nutrition and digestion.

Enzymes in the cells are activated for a better metabolism and composition of protein in the blood. It supplies energy to help relieve fatigue, loss of stamina, and loss of appetite. The saponin in Homtamin Ginseng prevents arteriosclerosis, the lecithin helps with respiration and digestion, and the aloe helps prevent constipation. Homtamin Ginseng also contains many vitamins and minerals.
Foreign Advancement
01. Homtamin Ginseng is better known abroad than in korea.
02. Over 4.5 million dollars worth was exported to 12 countries around the world.
03. Korea United gave 200,000 away free as a promotional event at the Incheon International Airport and at World Cup promotion booths during the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan Games.
04. With its advancement in China, the Chinese Athletic Association designated Homtamin Ginseng as a gold medal item.
05. In August, 2001, it was recommended to Chinese athletes and is an official product for Chinese athletes.